Thursday, April 1, 2010


Matt and I have been extremely busy with house projects! Before we officially moved in we refinished the hardwood floors in all three bedrooms and the dining room (we had to rip up the carpet in the dining room first though)! Then we took down the mirror above the fireplace, ran electricity to that wall, had to putty, sand and paint that surface, and mounted our TV there. It looks great! We also painted our bedroom and the bathroom. During the move we couldn't get our couch to fit through the door so we had to go furniture shopping. We LOVE the new couch! We have slowly been unpacking, but still have stuff in both of our parents houses and in my grandparents basement. We absolutely love owning our own house, but it has been keeping us busy almost every day. The kitchen cabinets are ordered and should be shipped out by April 9th. The counter tops have also been ordered, but cannot be customized until the cabinets are in place. I am thrilled to be able to complete this project, because it is the last major project we will take on for a while! Our home will be completely transformed once this project is complete. We would love to have all of our friends and family come over for a house warming party some time in May...we were hoping to make it a Cinco De Mayo party, so we will shoot for the 5th as long as our kitchen is complete by then!