Monday, March 1, 2010

It's official

We are officially homeowners as of Friday at 12:00. After closing, we drove over to our new house and got right to work! We are officially moving in to our house this Saturday, the 6th and have a lot to do before we get the furniture in. We made a TON of progress over the weekend. We ripped up the dining room carpet (we want to refinish the hardwoods that were underneath). We painted the bedroom and bathroom, hung all of the blinds, prepped all of the hardwood floors in the bedrooms for sanding and refinishing, took down the mirror above the fireplace, scraped the wall board off that it was mounted to, and are in the process of running electric through that wall, so there will be an outlet behind our T.V. which we are going to mount there. We have also slowly started moving the dozens of boxes that we've packed over the past few weeks. We still have a lot to pack, because we still need to use most of it at our apartment for now. Our next big project is to get the cupboards ordered. My dad, Ernie, and Matt figured out that the "bump" in our wall by the sink is a 1 inch think pinewood box which covers up a vent pipe. The solution the men came up with to fix this problem is to place two by fours where our current cabinets are (after we remove them of course) and drywall over it. This means everything will be flush, and we can place all of the cabinets and appliances where we originally planned for them to go. We are so excited to get this project done. It will make our house look that much better! We also are having all of the hardwood floors refinished (as previously mentioned) this week before we move our things in. With all of these updates, our house will be completely transformed!