Monday, February 22, 2010

Keeping Busy

I had off from teaching this past week for February break. My week "off" wasn't much of a vacation. There was packing, lots of homework, and errands to run. I am currently taking a weekend course that meets every other weekend for four weeks. One of our major assignments in this class is a 20 page literature review. I think this counts for at least 60% of our grade...there are only 2 big assignments. The other was a group presentation that my group aced. The paper was my major source of stress this week, but I am almost done. It's due this Friday.
Speaking of Friday... we close on our house this Friday at 11:00am!! Our apartment in practically filled to the ceiling with boxes of stuff that we had stored in our laundry room and walk in closet. We have a lot to pack still, but are making progress. Our official moving day will be March 6th. We are also hoping to get our cabinets ordered this weekend. We've a hit bump in this project...literally which has been holding us up. There is a small bump that sticks out of the wall about a half of an inch by the sink in the kitchen. We are not sure whats behind it. Our guess is pluming, since the bathroom is directly above the kitchen. Once we get the keys to the house we have to figure out what is for sure, and how complicated it will be to move it. If we can't move it we will have to reconfigure the layout of cabinets that Lowes came up with because right now we wanted to place a dishwasher right where there that box sticks out. Wish us luck! We will keep everyone updated on how our moving process goes!