Thursday, February 11, 2010

Decisions, decisons

We may be waiting a while to buy our cabinets. First- we had to make appointments to meet with the kitchen specialists at Lowes and Home Depot...should have realized that one! However, we did get a chance to talk to one of the specialists for a little while last night though, and he came up with a very unique floor plan which requires a little more work than we anticipated. His idea involved replacing one of the kitchens windows with a smaller one so that we could place the sink, dishwasher and extra counter space along that wall. It was a great suggestion to maximize what little kitchen area we have, but involves way more than I think we're willing to do right now. So for now, we are thinking about that option and still shopping around for styles of cabinets we like. Tonight we're going back out shopping; my class was canceled so I am taking advantage of having a night free! It has been very overwhelming so we're going to take things slowly. We were hoping to have everything ordered before we move in so that we could start working on the kitchen ASAP, but after looking around and talking to people, we might wait until we move in. We don't want to rush any decisions and seeing how we have a functional kitchen there is no hurry.